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Food Storage Containers – It's not just about what's inside

Author: Chris Haven

Emergency food storage is increasingly becoming a hot subject.  Building up an adequate long term food supply can provide a necessary food source for any type of emergency.  There are a variety of types of foods used for food storage but generally they are prepared in a way that allow for long term storage.  A very common type of food storage comes as a dehydrated or freeze dried food.  Freeze drying the food allows it to become incredibly storable and because of the much lighter weight, incredibly portable.  The actual storing container for the food can be an important concept.  Space becomes an issue when you're looking at storing survival food for an extended period of time.  There are two main types of food storage containers for emergency food that I would recommend; square or round plastic buckets.  Some food storage vendors package their food in traditional round metal containers but these generally don't provide the space saving or stack-ability feature that allows you to store a lot of food in a small amount of space, generally in the space of a washer and dryer.   Let's look at both food storage container options:

1.  Square Buckets - Square buckets that include a sealable lid, a tongue bottom and groove top offer a very stackable surface.  These food storage containers can stack well on top of each other.  The square shape also provides the best in space storing dimensions.  You can take full advantage of s generally square or rectangle storage toom.

2.  Round Buckets - Round food storage containers are also stackable and offer a tongue and groove stacking capability.  However, these generally don't maximize space storage as well as the square buckets.  The cylinder doesn't give an edge to edge space coverage like the square food storage buckets allow for.

Another benefit of these plastic food storage containers are also sealed air tight, to add an additional freshness level to your food.  In the event you needed to access the food, you can open up the lid and take the food you need and then seal up the container to lock in freshness.  And also to keep out any unwanted critter.  These plastic containers add a lot of benefit from a storage and freshness standpoint.  If you are looking to buy food storage from a company that pre-packages their food, look at the container as a differentiator.  Square, tongue and groove buckets that carry an air tight seal have an advantage over any other container in the market.

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About the Author

When Chris isn't spending his time working he enjoys running, biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding and hanging out with his family.  In the past few years, Chris has started working with a good friend building a very successful business, B&T Marketing LLC.  Some of the areas of B&T's focus are wireless home security systems and helping people get prepared with emergency food storage.